Kennisclips zijn (korte) instructie video's. Je instructie opnemen kan veel voordelen hebben. Studenten kunnen in eigen tijd en op elke mogelijke locatie naar een kennisclip kijken. Ze kunnen ook op eigen tempo de instructie tot zich nemen (bijvoorbeeld terugspoelen, of juist iets versneld afspelen). 

Maak je kennisclip effectiever:  

[Among the most crucial advice emerging from FL practitioners is that it is important to design a speculative schedule for studying online content in order to help learners come to class prepared (Mason et al. 2013; Talbert 2012).  
In terms of content, online lectures should contain a basic overview or prerequisite content for an upcoming unit (Milman 2013), including a clear introduction and summary of main points (Smith and McDonald 2013).

Studies investigating the design of online lectures contain three important concerns:  
(1) physical features of online lectures, such as length, speed, and auditory quality (Bush 2013; 

Goodwin and Miller 2013; Hattie 2008; Khan, 2012; Mason et al. 2013; Smith and 

McDonald 2013);  
(2) content features of online lectures, such as proper allocation of online portions, interactivity, and clarity (Bush 2013; Goodwin and Miller 2013; Milman 2013; Shim, 2013; Smith and McDonald 2013); and  
(3) logistic features outside of the online lecture, such as formative evaluation, scheduling, and after-activity (Bush 2013; Mason et al. 2013; Slomanson 2014; Talbert 2012).  
In order to improve the quality of online lectures both instructionally and technically, formative evaluation of the resulting instructional product with potential learners and following revisions of the design are invaluable (Slomanson 2014). 
In order to retain the learners’ attention the online lecture should be less than twenty minutes (Mason et al., 2013; Smith and McDonald 2013) and even less than ten minutes if it is a static screencast that does not show the instructor’s face (Khan 2012).  
Further, creating one clip per topic is better for further reorganizing and modularizing (Smith and McDonald 2013).  
The clip should have a function for controlling speed (Bush 2013; Goodwin and Miller 2013; Hattie 2008) and the audio quality should eliminate auditory distractions (Mason et al., 2013; Smith and McDonald 2013).  
Summarizing activities or self-checkup quiz also can help to ensure their understanding of online instruction (Bush 2013; Slomanson 2014).]